– MEDICINE in a nutshell is a free access an online learning resource on YouTube

The concept is to populate the channel with videos which have been quality assured by UK consultants and experts in the relevant fields. This is to address the situation that trainees, consultants, and indeed everyone, are increasingly using YouTube as an online learning resource. However one cannot necessarily ensure that the content is quality assured. So we have decided to harness the UK knowledge resource to produce a platform populated with short tutorials to address this need. Essentially we want to capture on videos tutorials one would perhaps give their trainees.

The videos are not limited to surgery, but rather can include any topic in the widest sense of the word Medicine, including nursing, etc., and a careers sections. 

We have intentionally kept the target audience wide, i.e. anyone, including medics (senior and junior), other healthcare professionals, medical students and other healthcare students, those contemplating a career in healthcare, and even lay people. The concept is that the content of the video shall self-select its own audience.

We ask that the videos are be no longer than 10-ish minutes long and may indeed be much shorter. The videos are meant to be to filmed on smartphones, or home video kit, and informal.


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